Snakes and Fakes:


With nothing left, there is nothing to hold back.  The Living Dead cannot be tamed, so with this Autotopsy- I am naked and unashamed.

At this time, I address the Snakes and the Fakes.

We find you everywhere.  Every scene, industry, culture.. You infect everything.  Some of you are small, feeding on the weak, and preying on the innocent.  You hate the honorable, the dignified.. so you like to push them down when you can.  Many of you find yourselves in positions of power and advantage, so you use your ability to oppress.

Snakes and Fakes- by nature, you dwell in the gutters, amongst the filth.. Yet your brand of filth manages to spread it’s way to the top, sitting comfortably with the Folks on the Hill..

Kill.  Kill.  Kill.

We can see right through the lame smiles, fancy cars, fake tits, and business cards..  Your two-faced handshakes won’t fool us anymore.  We are Warriors with a purpose.  Alive and creating.. Our existence is a giant middle-finger to the world.

To the Snakes and Fakes:  It is with this very same middle-finger, I salute you.

Let the New Era begin.


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