Monthly Archives: December 2011

MIKE TERROR signs with Space City Records

Space City Records is proud to announce the signing of Mike Terror to the record label. The one year deal includes an LP from the artist, re-mixes of older songs, and support for Mike Terror’s endeavors in the music industry.

We have chosen to sign Mike Terror because we feel his talent and dedication is what is needed to reach our goals for the record label. His live shows are by far one of the most entertaining shows that you can experience. Our main focus is to bring his live show feel to tape in a more transparent way, right now we feel his previous records do not represent the intensity and quality that his live shows bring.

The genre that Mike Terror falls in is not one that Space City Records has dealt with much, but we already have our foot in the industry and know that we can bring attention to Mike Terror’s music and expand his current fan base which is already very devoted. I, Chris Folmer, have worked with many rock and metal bands and love industrial and electronic music. This experience will help guide Mike Terror to creating one of the best industrial rock albums in recent times.

Work on the album has already started, and we will be re-releasing his previous E.P. and a new single along with a music video soon enough. The E.P. will be remixed and remastered to meet Space City Records stringent standards on records. We plan on having a great year with Mike Terror and will achieve success in our goals.

-Christoper H. Folmer
President, Space City Records