Monthly Archives: October 2011

The future.

Dear Friends,

As time goes on, more things become evident. First and foremost, I’ve realized that what we are doing in music is evolving. Most people are familiar with me/us under the artist/band name “MIKE TERROR”.. Since 2009, it’s been our entire presentation. Everything we’ve been doing has been credited to that… but things are changing.

This year, new inspirations have pushed us to branch out. I started 2 side projects (Killer/Killer & HolyWaterEnema). Allen (Eon) became the drummer of a band called “The Freakouts”… Who knows what’s going to happen next? Right now, there’s a glimpse of something much bigger on the horizon. Something that will summon the talents and creativity in all of us. A new Beast. Only time will tell what it brings.

The Record we’re working on right now is the first actual MIKE TERROR Album (i see the EP as practice). In light of recent developments, Records under this name will be in their own category. “Mike Terror” is basically an Artist-Centric / Solo Artist type of name. This record will be the First, and maybe the Last of its kind… for now.

MIKE TERROR is here to stay.. but it’s time for ‘MIKE’ to become a part of something much bigger than himself. The future looks amazing from where I’m standing. This TEAM is gearing up an all-out War.

Stay Tuned.