Monthly Archives: September 2010

From Formspring

Does your personal life ever reflect on the art? Has it made it’s way to the mike terror stage?

Yes, and.. Yes. Not so much on our debut EP, but on the Record I’m working on now – it’s going to play a heavy role. In it’s current state, the Record is chronological. If you’ve been close to me between November 2008 and Now, you might have an idea of what this LP is about. It’s very honest, and it was frightening to write at times.

It has made it’s way to our stage, but only on a small level. I know it’s effected the way I perform. We’re currently playing 2 songs from the new Record (“Tits of an Alien” and “In the Morgue”). The songs’ subject matter doesn’t give away much about the Record as a whole, but thats how I want it for now. More will come when the time is right.