State of Illusion Address


Greetings my fellow Human Beings/Citizens of Planet Earth/Etc. It’s been far too long since you’ve been formally addressed and given a proper update on the state of things regarding MT.

Things often change between concept and completion. If you’ve been keeping up with us over the past few years, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve had several estimated release dates for Autotopsy (the next MT release). All of which seemed real and feasible at the time they were mentioned. Obviously things don’t always go according to plan.

Throughout the course of the project, seemingly endless incidents and situations have thrown up hurdles at every stage of the game. After a while, it became expected that anything and everything that could stifle the progress of the record, would happen. Any battle is worth the fight when you’re fighting for something worthwhile.

Autotopsy is our first real album to put out as a band, so the whole thing has been a learning process. We’ve made lots of mistakes. We put faith and trust in people along the way who never deserved to have it. Snakes, Fakes, and Flakes. But the important thing is that we’ve been learning, and building our armor against the bullshit.

Aside from the biz end of things, Life certainly sends it’s fair share of scud missiles. Every now and then, we are dealt a hand that could cripple anyone. Sometimes pain has a way of matching the strength you’ve worked your whole life to build. It can shut down the machine, and leave you with little or no will to restart it.

So yeah.. there have been some delays.

Autotopsy is more than just an LP. It’s my Chapter 1. It’s been in the works for years. This is my foundation, my defining work. To date, this is the biggest and most important piece I’ve ever done.. in any medium. So no matter what, I will make sure it gets the treatment it deserves. No detail will be overlooked. It will be the best I can currently do. I promise.

People have been asking quite a bit about the “Snakes’N'fakes” video too.. Like everything else, it suffered the same bullshit, resulting in delays.

I know this has been a gloomy read so far, so lets put a stop to that. There is good news..

Autotopsy is about 90% complete. It would be 95, but I wrote another song to tack on the end. Just a little album-ender to keep the record current. The “Snakes’N'fakes” video is about 85% done. We are back on track and making progress.

To everyone that’s stuck by our side through these past few years, good times and bad, fans and friends alike.. it’s tough to accurately express the amount of love and appreciation we have for you. Your support means everything to us.

Getting back to the other point.. evolution between concept and completion. I’m in a different place now from where this record started. Like coming full circle, but landing further down the road. We’re all a little older now, a little wiser, and a bit more seasoned. At it’s starting point, Autotopsy was a beast of uncensored, raw human blood. Complete, with a seemingly appropriate theatrical planned presentation. But as life continued, I realized that a purpose of this record is to completely strip away all the safeties, securities, and comfort zones. To put humanity itself on the examination table.. under the bright light. To expose it for all that we love/hate it to be. A human heart on the table for everyone to spit on, accept, or embrace. I’m honestly not sure how this record will be presented when it’s done. Everything we do now is completely in the moment. We don’t do anything unless we feel it. This isn’t a broadway show.

So yeah.. That’s where we’re at. When this is done, the future is wide open. I could talk about what projects are likely to happen after, but how can we truly bet on anything? Many things are already in the works, but right now belongs to Autotopsy.

Back to work, I go.



New MT Gear coming soon.

Lots of new merch coming soon. This is an example of one of the ladies’ apparel items. There will be a variety of tank tops, T-shirts, etc. Each item will be fairly unique.

Justin Garza says goodbye to MT

Today, Justin Garza (my drummer and long-time friend) let me know that his journey with MIKE TERROR was coming to an end. No bad blood or bad terms, just that he felt it was time for him to move on. Justin brought a powerful presence to our live shows and studio recordings over the past few years. He has always been a valued member of our team, and we will miss having him around. As a band, we extend our gratitude for all that he has done for us. Best of luck to you man.

(Justin will still be performing with the band on the next few shows we have booked this year.)

With that said, this band is now looking for a new drummer. I’m sure we will be posting more on this matter soon, but if you’re reading this and you think you have what it takes.. Send us a message.